Retail Kraft Bag Samples -7 Sizes

Kraft Bag samples -7 sizes Brown Kraft Bag Junior 20x10x29cm FREE SHIPPING$95/250qty(PTR101-J) Brown Kraft Bag Boutique 28x11x35cm FREE SHIPPING $107/250qty(PTR101-MB) Brown Kraft Bag Baby 14x7x16cm Free Shipping $145/1000qty(PTR101-B) Brown Kraft Bag XLX LARGE 45x12x50cm Free Shipping $89/125qty(PTR101-XL XLARGE) Brown Kraft Bag XL30x15x40cm Free Shipping $139/250qty(PTR101-XL) Brown Kraft Bag 32x11x18cm Free Shipping $127/1000 (PTRBCO-3218) Brown Kraft Bag 27x9x15cm Free Shipping $139/1500qty-(PTRBCO-2715)
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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 34 × 26 × 20 cm



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